Relying on technological potential and innovative capabilities of each company that is added to our legacy wealth portfolio.  We ensure that we provide our visitors with the best investment opportunities that will maximize their returns.  Additionally, our interests are focused on the following criteria:

Time (company/platform) in operation

Time to ROI or Profitability

Ease of online investment process

Transparency of company incorporation & T&C

Blockchain enabled (no human intervention for transfers)

Ease of deposit and withdrawal without pending issues

USD or Euro and common or popular cryptos 

Focus on automated(bot) trading platforms for Crypto and Forex

Additional focus on TRON/BSC Smart Contracts for true passive income

Major Focus on Zeniq Blockchain and Smart Chain, Swap, DeX as well as the App. Earning potential of tokenization and staking is beyond the moon

*UPDATE of 2021*  We are very happy to say that our goal for the year was to earn a minimum of $1K per day or $1000 per day. With 1 of 5 consistent investment vehicles we crossed the goal within 3.5 months and to date have increased that by 20% per week and growing.  To include the other investment vehicles would be short term returns and hard to capture for more than 30-40 days.  We have earned our partners in excess of $2 million within the last 5 months. The graphic is based on end of October 2021 sales volume. 

*This is based on personal research and direct investing experience with each platform. We are not financial advisors and do not provide financial advice in a professional capacity. Yet, we do employ the expertise of investment, tax and financial advisors at times.