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The Future of Passive Income; My P3 Solution

An Entrepreneur.  A Coach.  An Author.  A Technology Enthusiast.
Rashid Hill is an Entrepreneur. He is a visionary. He sees the next step, next phase a new era. With his joy of being a US Air Force veteran he chose to stay around the military and now works as a Management Analyst for the Dept of the Navy. He is responsible for learning and development solutions as well as special projects such as org podcast and website content creation for department. He is the Founding Director of the Veterans Entrepreneur Startup Success Community, on the board of nonprofit We Will Rise and presenter and panelist for the career readiness series “Blaze Ahead.”

Rashid holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in HR administration from Saint Leo University. He is a certified Master Project Manager, trained in emotional intelligence and career coaching and former President of his local Toastmasters Club. He is enjoys speaking on new technology and how it is essential for us to embrace it thus, currently pursuing speaking engagements for his passion "the future of work" and personalized learning in education using Artificial Intelligence and adaptive assessment technology.

As a coach he helps you uncover your inner potential and unlock your greatness using 6 key phases of his H.E.R.O. coaching model incorporating physical, mental, psychological, clinical and metaphysical activities to attain desired results. Rashid also connect veterans to opportunities and resources that are the best fit for their successful transition. As an author he wrote and outlined essential personal development techniques in his book "8 Ways to be 10 X Better" published in 2013 and upgraded to the Parent's Edition in 2020.

As an Entrepreneur Rashid has established L3 Coaching Solutions and Next Era Learning companies.  He frequently speaks on the future of money and cryptocurrency within blockchain and DeFi.  He is a leader in the research and generation of passive income within the cryptocurrency market. The host of the Passive Income Portal a repository of validated safe and profitable investment  solutions.

Emerging Tech

Rashid is a certified Blockchain Professional. He is an member of the Government Blockchain Association and Federal Mobility Group for wireless mobility & 5G in a federal organization. An avid researcher on benefits of 4th Industrial Revolution and the Future of Work ...

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Business & Career Strategy

We provide advanced career coaching/consultation on federal job search and personalized e-learning curricula rooted in the research and convergence of automation and HR management.

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Family & Friends

With all of the efforts directed in our work and careers we have to realize what motivates us to keep going and inspires us to stop and be grateful. We can stay focused only for a while until we feel the tug of our heart's beat demanding our attention.

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New Wealth in 4IR

After years of trial and experience with forex, crypto & institutional investments... you can now find out how I'm now able to enjoy +60% a month returns on my investments. My P.I.P. Blueprint that works. Also visit www.legacywealth101.com

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Strategic Partnership

In June 2021, I was asked to look at a new blockchain based opportunity. Very excited to find out it was operating in the DeFi space with a coin being traded and focused on decentralization. A great fit for our clients because crypto volatility equals high profitability. As of November 2021 we had met this year's sales and income goal of min $1K per day and sales of $1 million. As of March 2022 we have total team sales of over $2 million!

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Passive Income Portal

Next Era Learning formed a strategic partnership with Passive Income Pros (PIP) at legacywealth101. Today there are new innovative income opportunities that have the ability to provide much needed financial stability to our global community. Our research and platforms were in line with the founders of the Passive Income Portal & would facilitate better service to our communities. This way we can ensure long term safe and profitable opportunities.

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EduTech E-Learning Academy

Next Era Learning, LLC. The world has a skills gap while the digital evolution moves at the speed of change. The future of work requires for today's workforce to prepare for robotics and automation as their coworker. The Future of Learning is personalized adaptive mico lessons with an AI component for the mobile learner. Microlearning uses past research to effectively upskill your future.

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Technology Futurist

Being a Futurist or Forward Thinker has some challenges. Where are we now? What affects our present? What affects our future? Are we prepared to be "chipped?" Is the 4th Industrial Revolution the digital disruption that we've been anticipating? Will blockchain be the catalyst to secure IoT and 5G SMART city acceleration?

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Podcast Host

He created a podcast "The Ripple Effect" and later adjusted that to online video broadcast and called it "The Triple Effect." What we do, say and feel has direct impact on how we effect the world and universe around us. Be the vibration that you seek to receive in this world. It's all about the Law of Balance and Polarity.

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An Entrepreneur. Created the business; L3 Coaching Solutions. Evolved into L3 Coaching & Consulting 2016. Published the personal and professional development guide/book "8 Ways to be 10x Better" and crafted a top tier coach model called the H.E.R.O coaching model.

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Business & Career Strategy


Do you have a vision for your future? Business Ownership or Busy Employee? We help you make the transition based on quality assessments, genuine intention and market demands.

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Entrepreneur Coaching & Consulting


We found that having a business was critical if we wanted to build wealth; legacy wealth/generational wealth. You have a choice; build someone else's dream or create your own.

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The Future & Emerging Technology


What's next? This is the question when you look around and realize we are deep inside the 4th Industrial Revolution. After many years of revolution evolution, we know that there has to be a reaction; the 5th Digital Reaction. Join the next phase of this revolution. Get the paper - www.mindsettoskillset.com

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Savvy Investments for this New Era


Founder of The Passive Income Portal (PIP). We focus on smart crypto/digital currency investments & decentralized finance (DeFi) and A.I. or bot trading. We ensure access to profitable, low-med risk and user-friendly income producing platforms. (P3) Pure Passive Profits is the ultimate goal for our programs.

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