This company was perfect for our investment project because it offered the crypto attraction and volatility (= high profitability) and the future of blockchain with tokenization and their own decentralized exchange. 

As an avid blockchain and crypto investor, I was surprised to see how they had simplified DeFi so that we could invest without having to worry about all of the hurdles and pitfalls of the business.  With so many "1st's" and being a leader in all aspects of the developments, I knew we would do very well in a short time.  We were able to partner with the exclusive distributor Safir Global in Dubai.  They were marketing for Zeniq Technologies and Dubai is like the blockchain hub of the world.  Great place and great company that added the network marketing to scale as fast as possible because of the advanced solutions they were delivering. 

We are proud to say that just after almost 5 months we have helped numerous people out of poverty around the globe and even have at least 2 team members over $1.2 million in sales volume.  Earning over $200K and still growing.

The compensation provided by the company is unmatched in this industry.  9% direct referral bonus.  15 levels deep.  Career bonuses up to 4 million euros. And a profit sharing bonus that is delivered for 6 months for you hitting the rank on one time.  No flushing the monthly earnings and no binary.  Unilevel and perfect for the networker that cares about his or her people.  Its a blast.  Ending 2021 strong.